The ABC’s Of A Great Life: “B” Is For Belief

Medical and other scientific studies agree – people who have strong spiritual or religious beliefs are healthier, happier, heal faster, enjoy life more and suffer less pain and degeneration in their later years than do their unbelieving counterparts. And the interesting thing is, it doesn’t matter what religion or spiritual system you believe in, so long as you believe in it fully and deeply, and that it is meaningful and personal to you.
People who believe and who worship, socialize or otherwise congregate with their fellow believers bring even more positive energy into their lives – and what’s even better, if those around you believe as well and you are aware that they are actively praying or otherwise working for your benefit, then that betokens even greater wellness and happiness for you on top of whatever benefits accrue to you from your own activities.
Having a strong belief system is a major factor in remaining strong, healthy and vigorous throughout life and up until the very end. Some may shrug it off as a placebo effect (the mind “fooling” the body into better health and happiness) but most agree that in the end it really doesn’t matter what the “true” cause is – the results are measurable, provable, consistent and nothing short of amazing in their effectiveness.
So what do you believe in and how do you nurture that belief? Finding a system of belief and devoting time and energy to maintaining and growing that in your life can pay big dividends in your life. Consider it health insurance of a sort – insurance for which the premium is paid in faith and you are the “soul” benefactor.

(c) Soni Pitts


Soni Pitts is the Chief Visionary Butt-Kicker of SoniPitts.Com. She specializes in helping others reclaim “soul proprietorship” in their lives and to begin living the life their Creator always intended for them.

She is the author of the free e-book “50 Ways To Reach Your Goals” and over 100 self-help and inspirational articles, as well as other products and resources designed to facilitate this process of personal growth and spiritual development.

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